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How to Research
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Negogiation Skills
Online Auto Buying


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Automotive Shopping Guide To Car Buying & Leasing

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Auto Shopping Basics

> How to buy your car
> Buy or lease
> Financing options
> Car buying services
> Car insurance

Choosing the Right Car for you

> What's right car for you?
> What to consider
> Is a hybrid car right for me?
> What can you afford?
> Selecting a type of your car
> Gas mileage
> Options
> Warranties
> Extended warranties

How To Research

> Shopping for the best deal
> How to choose a dealership
> Check your credit report and score
> Right value of the car

Used Cars

> Pros and cons of buying used cars
> Where to shop for used cars
> Buying a used car online
> Kelly blue book and other price guides
> What to look for when buying used
> How to study a car model's reliability
> How to find a reliable used car
> Used cars to avoid
> Lemon laws
> How to check vehicle history

Understanding Car Prices

> Understand how dealerships make money
> Factory Invoice Price
> Rebates
> Sticker price
> Dealer markup
> Dealer's front-end profits
> Dealer's back-end profits
> Dealer hold-backs
> Rebates or low rate financing: which should you choose?
> What's your target price?


> How does a leasing work
> Understanding the real cost of leasing
> When leasing is right for you
> When leasing is bad for you
> How leasing price is determined
> How to get the right price for leasing
> Leasing terms and conditions
> What happens when the lease ends
> Can I end the lease early?

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Shopping Strategies

> When to buy
> Secure the financing before going to dealership
> Reading the ad correctly
> Test driving
> How to get the best deal
> Inspection before taking delivery
> New car lemon laws

Negotiation Skills

> Get prepared before going to a dealership
> Shop around
> Don't buy in a hurry
> Don't negotiate price with a sticker price
> Know the sales tactics and don't fall victim.
> Don't mention your trade-in until last moment; or sell it separately
> Read the statement carefully before signing

Online Auto Buying

> Pros and cons of online buying
> How to buy a new car online
> How to buy a used car online
> Buying a car on ebay
> Bidding techniques
> Safety tips


> Financing options
> How much down payment is required?
> Credit score and interest rates
> How to negotiate better finance rates and terms?
> Dealer financing
> Monthly payments

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